Benjamin Nygren

Benjamin Nygren


Name: Benjamin Nygren
 of birth: 08/07/2001
Nation: Sweden
Height: 185 cm
Position: Forward, Striker, Winger
Strong foot: Left
Club: Genk
National team career: He represented Sweden at junior levels



Top skills: Pace, Elegance, Coordination, Technique, Heading, Shooting, Finishing, First touch, Off the ball, Cuts, Counter attacks, Determination


Style of play:
Has heading ability
Physically tall, slim and fast
Use his speed into open spaces

Cuts inside and shot
Responsible for scoring goals


Current value: € 15/20 million


Athletic: Pace, Elegance
Technical: Heading, Shooting, Finishing
Tactical: Off the ball, Counter attacks
Mental: Bravery, Instinct, Determination

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