Samuel Fridjonsson

 DM/CMI186I1996 YOUTH CLUBS I KEFLAVIK/READING ICELANDIC INTERNATIONAL TOP SKILLS ATHLETIC Pace, Elegance, Coordination TECHNICAL Technique, Heading, Shooting, Through balls, Long passing, Rapidity of execution, First touch TACTICAL Vision, Versatility, Box to box, Tactical intelligence DEFENSIVE Anticipations, Pressing MENTAL Reliability, Determination, Personality SIMILAR PLAYER Steven Gerrard HONOURS –

Albert Gudmundsson

 AM/W (177) 1997 YOUTH CLUBS: KR Reykjavik, SC Heerenveen, PSV Eindhoven ICELANDIC INTERNATIONAL TOP SKILLS Athletic: Acceleration, Elegance, Coordination Technical: Two footed, Technique, Possession of the ball, Shooting, Dribbling, Through balls, Long passing, Crossing, Rapidity of execution, First touch Tactical: Cuts, One-on-one situations Mental: Reliability, Determination, Personality STYLE OF PLAY: (English) Attacking midfielder or winger, Albert Gudmundsson …