Joe Gomez

Joe Gomez



Name: Joseph Dave Gomez
 of birth: 23/05/1997
Nation: England
Height: 188 cm
Position: Centre back
Strong foot: Right
Club: Liverpool
National team career: He represented England at junior and senior levels



Top skills: Pace, Strength, Elegance, Athleticism, Heading, Long passing, Sense of position, Marking, Anticipations, Tackling, Aggressivity, Personality


TH Valuation:
Athleticism 9/10, Technique 6/10, Heading 9/10, Long shots 5/10, Dribbling 6/10, Vision 6/10, Crosses 6/10, Finishing 5/10, Rapidity of execution 6/10, Creativity 5/10, Defence 9/10, Personality 8/10. TOTAL: 6,7/10


Style of play:
(English) Centre back who has played also as a full-back, he is strong, tall but fast. He is a great header, has sense of position and is aggressive in marking. He is one of the best English defender.


Current value: € 50/70 million


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