Marko Gjira

Marko Gjira


Name: Marko Gjira
 of birth: 05/05/1999
Nation: Croatia
Height: 175 cm
Position: Defensive midfielder, Central midfielder, Left back
Strong foot: Left
Club: Dinamo Zagreb
National team career: He represented Croatia at junior levels



Top skills: Pace, Agility, Accelerations, Technique, Possession of the ball, Dribbling, Vision, Long passing, Cross, Rapidity of execution, Versatility, Overlaps, Tackling, Pressing


Style of play:
Overlaps and sends crosses into the opposition box
With his versatility, can play in different positions
Physically agile and quick

Distributes to teammates, near and far
Dribbles and creates chances


Current value: € 2/3 million


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