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Name: Ignacio Ezequiel Agustín Fernández Carballo
 of birth: 25/07/2002
Nation: Argentina
Height: 178 cm
Position: Defensive midfielder, Central midfielder
Strong foot: Left
Club: Boca Juniors
National team career: He represented Argentina at junior levels



Top skills:
Agility, Accelerations, Stamina, Explosivity, Dynamism, Technique, Possession of the ball, Long passing, Rapidity of execution, Insertion capacity, Teamwork, Anticipations, Tackling, Pressing, Determination


Style of play:
Has ability to launch an attack from the back with long passes
Sits in front of the defence
Wins the ball back with tackles and interceptions
Distributes to teammates, near and far
Breaks into the opponent’s box and tries to score



N.15 1st goal

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