José David Menargues

José David Menargues - Talents Hunter


Name: José David Menargues Manzanarez
 of birth: 01/05/2002
Nation: Spain
Height: 181 cm
Position: Right back, Centre back
Strong foot: Right



Top skills:
Pace, Stamina, Heading, Long passing, Cross, Versatility, Overlaps, Sense of position, Marking, Anticipations, Tackling, Aggressivity, Determination


Style of play:
Overlaps and sends crosses into the opposition box
Advance with the ball from the back
Has ability to launch an attack from the back with long passes
Quite tall and aggressive marker
Has heading ability
Reads the game from deep
Confident in possession
Aggressive in marking
Has sense of anticipation
Indirect set-piece threat
With his versatility, can play in different positions


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