Max Stryjek




Name: XXX
 of birth: XXX
Nation: XXX
Height: XXX cm
Position: XXX
Strong foot: XXX
Club: XXX
National team career: He represented XXX at junior and senior levels




Top skills:
Pace, Agility, Accelerations, Stamina, Explosivity, Strength, Elegance, Athleticism, Dynamism, Coordination, Technique, Possession of the ball, Heading, Shooting, Dribbling, Through-balls, Long passing, Cross, Finishing, Free-kicks, Rapidity of execution, First touch, Vision, Versatility, Off the ball, Insertion capacity, Cuts, Counter attacks, Overlaps, Tactical intelligence, Sense of position, Teamwork, Marking, Anticipations, Tackling, Pressing, Creativity, Aggressivity, Determination, Personality

Agility, Explosivity, Strength, Elegance, Athleticism, Coordination, Reflexes, Personality, High dives, Low dives, Penalty taking, Foot, Command of the area, Positional sense, Distribution, Reactivity


Style of play:
Overlaps and sends crosses into the opposition box
Advance with the ball from the back
Has ability to launch an attack from the back with long passes
Tall and physically strong
Explosive, quite tall and aggressive marker
Has heading ability
Reads the game from deep
Confident in possession
Aggressive in marking
Has sense of anticipation
Indirect set-piece threat

With his versatility, can play in different positions
Equally adept at attacking and defending
Maintains possession
Elegant and composed under pressure
Combines speed and stamina
Ability to shoot from distance

Sits in front of the defence
Wins the ball back with tackles and interceptions
Distributes to teammates, near and far
Sets the team’s tempo
He is a box-to-box midfielder
Breaks into the opponent’s box and tries to score
Provides crosses into the box
Meets crosses from the opposite wing
Use his speed into open spaces
Dribbles and creates chances
Assists the striker in scoring goals
Elusive and difficult to mark
Cuts inside and shot
More versatile than the target-man
Vision, technical skill and creativity
Highly technical and creative player
Responsible for scoring goals
Holds the ball up until teammates can join the attack
Physically strong
Muscular player
Explosive player
Hard-working forward with an eye for goal
He is a natural finisher
Has fluid movement
Has heading ability
Kicks with both feet
Free-kicks specialist

Physically tall and slim
Traditional keeper with good reflexes and positional sense
He particularly excels at low dives




Full name: Maksymilian Stryjek
Date of birth:
Place of Birth: Polonia 
Nationality: Polonia 
188 cm
Current team: Inghilterra 

Transfer history:
2012 Polonia Polonia Warsaw
2013/14 Inghilterra Sunderland
2015 Inghilterra Boston United
2015/17 Inghilterra Sunderland
2017/present Inghilterra Accrington Stanley

Club experiences:
2013/14 Inghilterra U18 Premier League
2014/15 Inghilterra U21 Premier League
2015/16 Inghilterra U21 Premier League

2015/16 Inghilterra Premier League International Cup
2016/17 Inghilterra Premier League 2
2016/17 Inghilterra EFL Trophy
2016/17 Inghilterra Premier League International Cup
2017/18 Inghilterra Premier League 2
2017/18 Inghilterra League Two

National team career: Polonia Poland U17, U18, U19, U21

National team experiences:
2012/13 UEFA UEFA U17 Championship qualification
2017 UEFA UEFA U21 Championship

Honours: –

Transfer rumours: –

Top skills: Strength, Determination, Personality, Positioning, Reflexes, Low dives, High dives, Distribution, Command of the area

One of the best young Polish goalkeeper of his generation and probably one of the next goalkeepers of the Polish Senior National Team. He is serious, very determined and possesses a big personality.

Agent: Jaroslaw Kolakowski


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